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Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Taking Stock in December

Making : a cushion cover for my sister-in-law. Hopefully ready for Christmas.
Cooking : NOTHING. I'm really bad at cooking at the moment. I ate way too much fast food in the last few weeks...this has to change after christmas!!

Drinking : "Glühwein", which is something like mulled wine. Hot wine and christmassy spices. I love it.
Reading: A lot. For some examples have a look at this post
Wanting: knowing the lines for this years' play. Just one more week until the premiere. I feel so unprepared...
Looking: forward to the holidays. 2 weeks off work! Yay!
Playing: "the devils new dresses". That's the title of our play.
Deciding: what I will wear on stage. Probably not a dress this year, as I have to hide under a table several times during the play.
Wishing: for the holidays to be joyful and happy
Enjoying: working on some last minute christmas crochet projects. One is finished, one will be done over the weekend. I hope.
Waiting: for the voucher that I got for this online yarn store. Need some material to start working on the baby blanket for my niece/nephew.
Liking: the fact that after this weekend my man and I will have two weeks together. I hardly saw him the last couple of weeks and I miss him, although we live together. Does this sound crazy?
Wondering: if the weather will stay this mild throughout the winter. Right now it's 12 degrees and sunshine outisde
Loving: the fact that we will have our first rehearsal on stage tonight!
Watching: Gilmore Girls. I'v watched the whole series a thousand times and right now I'm doing it again. I still LOVE it!
Hoping: that I will learn my lines over the weekend...
Marvelling: over the new shoes I HAD TO buy for our production. They're perfect!
Needing: More time to learn my lines! ;-)
Smelling: christmas. Cookies at home, mulled wine on my way to work, the advent wreath in our kitchen...
Wearing: my new shoes that I HAD TO buy for our production.
Following: fashion and make up blogs, lately. Though I'm not really into fashion. Strange habit.
Noticing: that people are gettinge more and more hectic whereas I'm beginning to feel calm and relaxed.
Knowing: that I have all the christmas presents for my loved ones and that everyone is going to like them very much!
Thinking: that I'm really looking forward to the holiday season!
Feeling: calm and relaxed and excited and nervous and happy all at once!
Sorting: through my wool stash. It really has decreased, which is good as I need place for new stuff!
Buying: some great Baby Merino yarn from my christmas voucher
Getting: really nervous when thinking about the premiere. I know, I'm repeating myself but this is really dominating my life right now!
Bookmarking: baby blanket pattern. I have to decide between two.
Disliking: the fact that people are so hectic and annoyed and stressed. This is supposed to be the quiet time of the year!

Opening: some presents really soon. My man is making me so curious as he exclaims that he has the best present ever for me. Considering that he proposed to me last Christmas I can't really think of any material thing that could possibly top this!
Giggling: at the Gilmore Girls. Still funny.
Feeling: really happy with my life right now. Everything is great!
Snacking: Christmas cookies. What else?
Wishing: Everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

3 Kommentare:

  1. lovely post! good luck with the play I'm sure it will go really well :) Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for what looks to be a very special 2015

  2. Best of luck with the play and a very happy Christmas too! x

  3. Which baby blanket patterns are the ones you are trying to choose from? There are sooo many good ones on the internet - I totally get why it's hard to choose. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    Take care