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Samstag, 21. März 2015

weekend update

Hello lovely blogfriends,

I'm just popping in really quickly to give you a little update of what has been going on in my life this past week. Lots and lots of work - as always. Long days, early starts and short evenings. But the positive thing is, that I'm leaving my house when the sun is already shining and I always come home before it's totally dark. Spring is finally on its way and for a summer girl like me this is always the nicest time of the year!

It was my birthday yesterday and I really got spoiled by my lovely family!

My man got up at 5:30 in the morning to make me breakfast. Now let me tell you that C is NOT a morning person. So for him to get up that early although he could sleep for 90 more minutes is really a sign of true love! And it was the most delicious breakfast. Now picture of that, let's just say, that I'm not really a morning person either.

I went to work early (so I could leave early) and was gifted with these nice things from my nice colleagues! I was really touched, given that I only work in that office for 8 months now! 

I spend the evening lying on the couch (with the window open as the weather was really nice) and my man and I went to have dinner with my mother in law (who's birthday is today). She gave me the most beautiful flowers and a voucher for a new yarn shop that just opened up but that I haven't gotten around to visit yet. And it's not only a yarn shop, they offer knitting courses as well. I always wanted to learn to knit but I somehow never get around to really sit down, watch endless youtube videos and finally get a grip on it. So that voucher was just the perfect present!

Oh and speaking of yarn: here's what's on my crochet hook lately. Or rather, on my hooks, as I am working on 3 projects at a time now.

This will be a baby blanket for my niece/nephew. My sister in law won't tell us the sex because the baby father doesn't want to know. We're guessing it's a boy, but secretly hoping for a girl as she already has two sons. But in the end no one cares about the sex, as long as it's healthy.

This is a shawl that I'm making for my wedding dress. My dress has got a little color in it and I think that this greyish lilac should match my dress perfectly. I'm nearly done now, just two more rows and then sewing in the ends. The wedding is "still" 5 weeks away so I should be able to finish it. I really hope that it will look good together with the dress. I can pick up the dress only two weeks before the wedding, so there won't be time to crochet something new. So it will just have to look good! Oh and it's made from a yarn that's made of Baby Alpaca and Silk. It's the most luxurious yarn that I've ever worked it and it's just so soft and snuggly and light and yet very nice and warm. I am totally in love with it. If you want to make the shawl yourself, here is the pattern.

And this is a top, that I showed you here. Once it's finished it should look like the first picture on the post. I want to have it finished for our honeymoon in Mallorca, but if I don't make it in time it's no problem either.

Oh and because the Mario blanket photos are really, really, crappy, I'll show you the big blanket in all it's beauty and this time in sunny daylight. Looks much better, doesn't it?

So ladies, I'm off to Bratislava now. It's my bachelorette party and I'm spending the weekend "abroad" with my friends. It's really just a thirty minute train ride from where I live but hey - another country is another country. 
You won't hear anything from me for the next days because I rarely drink alcohol and I'm absolutely no party girl so I am in no way used to going out all night long and I will suffer for days on end for that. But hey - you only marry once. Or at least that's what my goal in life.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)

Montag, 16. März 2015

Taking Stock: March

Making : a baby blanket for my nephew/niece and my shawl for my wedding dress.
Cooking : quick and easy and mostly vegetarian things lately.
Drinking : nothing yet, but probably way too much alcohol at the weekend. it's my bachelorette party, yay! :)
Reading: Just finished the new book from T.C. Boyle. I liked it.
Wanting: for the next four weeks to pass so we can go on our Honeymoon!
Looking: at my wedding to-do list. It's surprisingly small.
Playing: Norah Jones on the stereo.
Deciding: on which way I want my hair at the wedding
Wishing: that the weather would be warmer. I long for spring.
Enjoying: the fact that it's my birthday on friday and that I will leave work super-early!
Waiting: for the weekend to come. You know, hen-night.
Liking: the fact that I still have butterflies in my stomach when I look at my man!
Wondering: if I will survive the weekend. I don't know the last time when I drank more than two glasses of wine...
Loving: my man.
Pondering: on my next crochet project once the baby blanket is finished. probably something that I can wear! 

Buying: nothing. I bought our rings this month, there's not much money left.
Watching: House of Cards.
Hoping: that spring will come and stay. I need warmth!
Marvelling: at my baby blanket. Will show some pictures of it soon.
Cringing: at the thought of having to work next monday after a weekend of drinking! ;)
Needing: holidays. and sun. and warmth. and a new bycicle.
Smelling: the hot, fresh coffee that stands here beside me.
Wearing: unfortunately still my winter jacket.
Following: a lot of lifestyle and sport blogs recently.
Noticing: that I got truly lucky with my job and my home and my man and my family and my friends.
Knowing: that I'll have my last name only for four more weeks. Strange feeling.
Thinking: about going for a run after work. I managed to go for a run twice a week for the last three weeks. I want to keep that up!
Admiring: every person who manages to stay organisied and tidy. I'm always drowning in chaos.
Sorting: out my bookcase. I actually did that last weekend, but it was already march. Got ride of some books that I got for free but will never ever read.
Getting: something for my birthday, this weekend, I'm sure.
Bookmarking: fitness plans. Though I never follow them!
Opening: a packet of chocolate to go with my coffee. I'm so sugar addicted at the moment...
Giggling: will happen on the weekend.
Feeling: grateful. and happy.
Snacking: on coffee and chocolate. Definitely will go for a run in the evening!
Wishing: that everything will work out fine.
Hearing: Norah Jones and Katie Melua. I'm so in love with their voices right now!