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Montag, 16. März 2015

Taking Stock: March

Making : a baby blanket for my nephew/niece and my shawl for my wedding dress.
Cooking : quick and easy and mostly vegetarian things lately.
Drinking : nothing yet, but probably way too much alcohol at the weekend. it's my bachelorette party, yay! :)
Reading: Just finished the new book from T.C. Boyle. I liked it.
Wanting: for the next four weeks to pass so we can go on our Honeymoon!
Looking: at my wedding to-do list. It's surprisingly small.
Playing: Norah Jones on the stereo.
Deciding: on which way I want my hair at the wedding
Wishing: that the weather would be warmer. I long for spring.
Enjoying: the fact that it's my birthday on friday and that I will leave work super-early!
Waiting: for the weekend to come. You know, hen-night.
Liking: the fact that I still have butterflies in my stomach when I look at my man!
Wondering: if I will survive the weekend. I don't know the last time when I drank more than two glasses of wine...
Loving: my man.
Pondering: on my next crochet project once the baby blanket is finished. probably something that I can wear! 

Buying: nothing. I bought our rings this month, there's not much money left.
Watching: House of Cards.
Hoping: that spring will come and stay. I need warmth!
Marvelling: at my baby blanket. Will show some pictures of it soon.
Cringing: at the thought of having to work next monday after a weekend of drinking! ;)
Needing: holidays. and sun. and warmth. and a new bycicle.
Smelling: the hot, fresh coffee that stands here beside me.
Wearing: unfortunately still my winter jacket.
Following: a lot of lifestyle and sport blogs recently.
Noticing: that I got truly lucky with my job and my home and my man and my family and my friends.
Knowing: that I'll have my last name only for four more weeks. Strange feeling.
Thinking: about going for a run after work. I managed to go for a run twice a week for the last three weeks. I want to keep that up!
Admiring: every person who manages to stay organisied and tidy. I'm always drowning in chaos.
Sorting: out my bookcase. I actually did that last weekend, but it was already march. Got ride of some books that I got for free but will never ever read.
Getting: something for my birthday, this weekend, I'm sure.
Bookmarking: fitness plans. Though I never follow them!
Opening: a packet of chocolate to go with my coffee. I'm so sugar addicted at the moment...
Giggling: will happen on the weekend.
Feeling: grateful. and happy.
Snacking: on coffee and chocolate. Definitely will go for a run in the evening!
Wishing: that everything will work out fine.
Hearing: Norah Jones and Katie Melua. I'm so in love with their voices right now!

6 Kommentare:

  1. I hope that spring stays, too! Love the sunshine!!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. oh yes. I feel like I'm wearing this winter jacket for years now! Time to be able to wear nice skirts and dresses again. :)

  2. oooh wedding times a go go! When's the big day? You must be getting so excited :) Have a wonderful bachelorette party :)

    1. On the 18th of April! So less than a month to go! I find myself looking at the rings every few days and I'm always tempted to try it on to see how it feels...still a little planning to do though, but that will have to wait for next weekend! ;)

  3. Ah, you sound really happy and loved up! I hope the hen night party was fun. x

    1. thank you, I am really happy right now. Hope it'll stay that way! :)
      Hen night will take place this weekend. But I'm sure it will be a blast. It's the first time since school that me and ALL my girls are going away for a weekend. :)