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Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

The year in books: March

It seems like the "year in books" posts and the "taking stocks" posts are the only semi-regular things that I am able to blog about lately. The wedding is only two weeks away and I'm in the middle of the last preparations. There hasn't been a lot else going on. I finished the shawl for my dress (just need to darn in the ends) and I made progress on the baby blanket. But this is for another post. Here are the books that I read in March, linking up with Laura from circle of pine trees:

Joseph O' Connor - Die wilde Ballade vom lauten Leben (The Thrill of it All)

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I found this book at the office. We sometimes get free books from different publishers and we put them all in the kitchen and if someone likes them, he/she can take them home and  read it. The story sounded really good. It's a bout two friends who start a band which gets really successful until something very bad happens and it all falls apart. That was the text on the cover. So of course I was curious. Let me just say that much: I've read the whole book and I have still no idea what that very bad thing was that happened. 
I was really bored with that book and only finished it, because I hate to stop reading a book, even if I don't like it. The dialogues were just chit-chat, sometimes the single scenes were waaaay too long and too detailed and all in all - I didn't like it. So it won't be wandering into my bookshelf but I brought it back to put it in the kitchen for someone else to read.

John Williams - Stoner
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I heard so much about that book. I make bestseller lists every week and I found "Stoner" in those lists over and over again. So I bought it. It's the story of a man named Stoner. He grows up on a farm with his parents. They decide to let him go to college so he can study agriculture. He decides to study English instead and becomes a professor. It's the story of his life, his marriage, his carreer, his ups and downs. It was nice to read and an interesting story. I liked it and will probably read it again.

T.C. Boyle - The Harder They Come

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What can I say - I simply love T.C. Boyle. In this new book he's writing about two outlaws, two people, who are different, who won't adapt to the rules of our society, they meet each other and a strange and scary love story begins.
It only took me a few days to finish this book. Like every other book of Boyle, it's beautifully written, and it grabs the reader and drags him so deep into his story, that it always takes me a moment to find back to reality when I stop reading. Love it.

Martin Suter - Montecristo

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Again a book that I got from work. A nice crime fiction story. Nothing special. Was number 1 of the bestseller list a few weeks ago. A typical beach-book in my opinion. 

Emily Bronte - Stürmische Höhen (Wuthering Heights)

There's no picture of this book as I forgot to take one when I read it and now I've lent it to my mother in law. I will post one another time. Sorry.

When I cleaned out my bookcase some days ago, I found this book. It's an old edition, I guess from the 1960's, a German translation and still unused. To be honest - I really can't remember when or where I bought this. And this is strange, because I normally remember every book that I ever bought. Must have been in some second hand shop. I guess.
Nevertheless - it was the first time reading it! The story seemed sometimes a little long - but that's the style of books of that era. But it was a nice book (and beautiful! Must have been the reason why I bought it in the first place. This is going to bug me forever!) and I will definitely read it again sometime! 

Happy reading, everyone!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Oooh I do like T.C. Boyle. I didn't know he had another book published. I remember reading Martin Suter's newspaper columns but I haven't read any of this books. Difficult to come by here in Glasgow. Next time when I am back in Switzerland maybe. An easy read suits me just fine. Happy reading!

  2. Your job sounds amazing! I love reading about your reads :) We had to read Wuthering Heights at GCSE and A Level - I'll have to have another try reading it again. I definitely want to try T C Boyle! Good luck with wedding prep - so exciting!!