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Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Taking Stock: June

Making : the first top.
Cooking : according to our meal plan that we made on Sunday. A MEAL PLAN! We try to save money and still eat and cook fresh everyday.
Drinking : Water with lemon and mint. So yummy.
Reading: T.C. Boyle - The Women. I read it at least once a year since I bought it in Paris in 2011. You can read more about it here
Wanting: nicer weather. It's raining and cold and dark.
Looking: at baby crochet patterns. We have a new niece since last Monday. After two sons my sister in law had her first baby girl! We already visited her, she's sooooo cute!
Playing: with ideas on how we get more space into our cramped and small appartment. I think a trip to Ikea might be necessary.
Deciding: Wether or not we're going to buy some new furniture for our appartment to get more space.
Wishing: that summer would come back for the weekend!
Enjoying: the memories of a wonderful weekend!
Waiting: for the next wonderful weekend.
Liking: the fact that I seem to find a nice work-life-balance. Finally.
Wondering: if we will ever build that house we're talking about all the time...
Loving: my new niece. I saw her, when she was just five days old. And she LOVES the blanket that I made for her. I will show it to you in a separate post.
Buying: Summer clothes. Because I had none. And now I can't wear them because it's too cold.
Watching: Orange is the new black, Season three. And Gilmore Girls. Whenever my man's not at home.
Hoping: that one day I will have kids of my own that are as sweet as my nephews and my niece!

Marvelling: on a lot of knitting designs. Time for me to conquer those needles!
Cringing: at the thought of the state of my appartment. Things need to be done!
Needing: sun! warmth!
Questioning: my money spending situation. There's so much room for improvement!
Smelling: lemon and mint in the water next to me.
Wearing: long trousers. a jacket. I would rather wear sandals and dresses.
Noticing: that it's good for me if I have repeating structures in my day. I managed to cook every evening this week and did a little housework every day, so my weekends well be completely free. I like my new system!
Knowing: that life is good!
Thinking: about what to do with my friend from Hamburg, who will visit me in September.
Admiring: my new niece. Babies always amaze me. The miracle of life!
Sorting: through stuff at home. We need to declutter!
Getting: in shape again. I went for a run yesterday, after a month long break. Exhausting but I felt so good afterwards! I hope I'm back on track now!
Bookmarking: crochet clothes pattern. I need to make more things to wear!
Disliking: the political situation in Austria right now. I really fear that something bad will happen!
Giggling: with my man. always nice to have a good laugh!
Feeling: happy and content.
Snacking: dried fruit and nuts. I love it.

What are you up to these days?

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