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Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

The Year in Books: June

FINALLY I find time to contribute my June reading list. Time hasn't been really stressed or hectic in the last few days, but it was HOT and when I came home from work all I did was jump into the shower and go straight to bed. Way too warm for anything else. Austria has survived a heatwave and the next one is about to begin. I don't mint 38 degrees, as long as I'm not supposed to work. Thank got the next hot day is a Saturday. Hello lake.

I did a lot of reading in June (pagewise) as my man was away a lot, spending time to tune his Harley. He dreamed of owning a Harley Davidson ever since he started riding motorcycles and so I can understand, that he wants to make it perfect now. I'm happy for him and to be honest - I enjoyed to have a few evenings for myself! ;)

So here's my list of what I've read these past weeks: (linkin up with Laura from Circle of Pine Trees

Ken Follet - Kinder der Freiheit (Edge of Eternity)

is there anything better than reading in bed?

The third and last book of the Century Trilogy. I wrote about Ken Follet books here. In this book he wrote about the racist problems in 1960's USA and the Berlin Wall. Again you met the families, whose lives you accompanied since the first book. It was great to read, lots of historical facts and lots of learning without noticing it.

Jo Nesbo - Der Fledermausmann (The Bat)
I read the 10th case of Harry Hole first and ever since I wanted to start from the beginning. So I bough the first case of Harry Hole. Like the two Jo Nesbo thrillers that I've read before,it was a very good thriller, the plot interesting, the killings disgusting and shocking and the end surprising. I want to buy them all over the next weeks, months or years.

T.C. Boyle - The Women

my much used and battered Paris second hand book find. You can still see the price tag. Just 4 euros.

I wrote about it here and my opinion about it hasn't changed. I bought it on holiday in Paris, 4 years ago and I've read it at least once a year ever since. Still fascinates me.

Paula Hawkins - Girl on the Train

After seeing and hearing about it everywhere (and getting it recommended) I gave in and bought it myself. I am commuting by train every day to work so I thought it would be interesting, to read a book about a commuting girl. I really liked the beginng. The story was fascinating and I wanted to know what happens next. In the end I just finished it because I wanted to know who the killer was. I had a clue about halfway in and that turned out to be true. Very good beginning - very weak end. I didn't like the ending at all and for me this destroys the whole book. The ending was very flat and predictable and really, really unrealistic. Sad, because it started really good. 

3 Kommentare:

  1. The Follett book sounds interesting, as does The Women - you made me want to read it! I've been wanting to read Girl on a Train but it seems to be getting not such good write ups so I might focus on other stuff for now :) Enjoy that lake!

    1. you definitely have to read the Women. I promise, you won't be sorry! If you've read it please tell me how you liked it! I'm always curious if books are recommended are liked by other people!

  2. I listened to the Ken Follett novel recently but wasn't too fond of the end. It ended all of a sudden to my liking and didn't fit the rest of the novel... Still a nice read/listing time.

    Take care
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