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Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Autumn Blues

Hello guys!

Autumn is here. Definitely. Right now, the rain is tapping on my window, I hear the wind howling and our radiators make that little clicking sound when they try to battle the cold. I'm drinking cups of tea and I'm wearing the Alpaca poncho, that I bought on our trip to Peru.

And I feel miserable. It's dark, when I get out of bed and walk to the train station. It's dark when I walk back home. I don't feel cosy in our tiny appartment. It's cramped and full. There's stuff everywhere, there's no place to decorate and I don't really like our furniture. I can hear our neighbour. I hear him coughing, I hear his TV, I hear him snore at night (!), I hear him screaming at his children. And he screams to his children a lot. And they scream back. Constant noise.

I'm always cranky. I can't find my peace in reading. I don't have the calm to sit down and crochet. I don't like watching TV, I stop every movie in the middle and go to bed. But I don't sleep well. I am cranky in the office. I can't wait for it to be evening so I can get back home. But I don't like being at home. I don't feel comfortable in our appartment.

I started to go running again and to be more active. I run three times a week. I see and feel the progress. When I started running about a month ago, I barely made 2 kms. Yesterday I ran for 5.4 kms. It's my first time EVER that I ran more than 5 kilometers. That made me very proud. I felt good, happy and alive. The feeling didn't last.

So I'm trying to find a way to get out of this constant bad mood and negative feelings. I try to appreciate the little things in live. I want to sort out or appartment, to get rid of some of the mess, to make it more comfortable. I try to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking food that keeps us warm. Cuddling up in my crocheted blankets. Planning to crochet a new one. I'm going to buy a load of candles to place around our rooms. I love candles.
I'm trying to embrace autumn and winter as parts of the circle of life.

But it's not easy. The old habits keep creeping back on me. So I ask you:

Do you have any advice for me to lift up my mood? Do you have books that you can recommend? What do you do, when life gets you down and you are tired of everything?

I'm glad for every tip that you have for me!

5 Kommentare:

  1. Sorry to hear you have the autumn blues, I know lots of people who get them. Have you ever thought of doing an exercise class or something? I do zumba and the exercise combined with dancing to fun music always cheer me up :) Lots of hot chocolate, and I always like to have a TV series on the go, the perfect opportunity to curl up with a crochet blanket :)

    1. the problem is, that there are no exercise classes where I live as it's a rather small city. But I really try to go for a run on a regular basis and do some short workouts everyday at home. I'm going to do a extra post on this soon. Thanks for your advice! :)

  2. I think that a good de-clutter will help. Don't think about the whole flat... just one cupboard at a time, a corner at a time...

    good luck and keep up the running!

    1. thanks, that's exactly how I want to tackle that task. Our appartment is really small, so my options are limited, but I bought some decorative stuff and LOADS of candles yesterday after work and I already have a plan how I can make enough space, so they won't burn our house down! ;)

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