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Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Summer crochet

I really need to reduce my yarn stash and I really need to crochet something else than amigurumis. Don't get me wrong, I love making my little cute lalylala dolls and I love the fact that people order them from me to gift them to their nieces/nephews/friends/kids/cousins etc. But I've been making almost nothing else for weeks now and I'm yearning to create something different!

I really like the website of Drops Design to get some inspiration and to get some new patterns! I own some Drops yarn and so far I always had positive experiences with it.
I also made three different garments based on Drops patterns (this, this and this) and I love to wear all of them!
For my wedding (we just had our first anniversary, how crazy is that??) I made myself this shawl and every single item was quick and easy to make and I never had trouble following the instructions.

Crochet clothes are very in right now. It's this whole boho-hippie-gipsy-chique that makes those clothes so trendy. So I put two and two together.
- Hip clothes
- need of reducing my yarn stash
- being able to crochet
- want to make something for myself

I found some new patterns online and decided on two of them. For those items I have all the necessary yarn already at home so no new shopping is needed (sadly!).

I chose:

this sweater

Free Pattern
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

I have some deep red Safran Yarn at home, this should be perfect for this little summer sweater

and this sweater
Free Pattern

As you can see, I really have a thing for those kind of pullovers - with holes in it and the ones, where you have to put a shirt underneath. But those are perfect for those slightly chilly summer nights (which hopefully will be there soon!)

While browsing through the patterns I also found this cute beach bag and  this adorable skirt.

I'm thinking about alternating between making an amigurumi and making things purely for myself. I lost my crochet-mojo in the past few weeks and it's slowly coming back to me. So let's see how many projects will make the way from an idea to a real piece of clothing. I vaguely remember a similar post from last year. Let's just say that I made ONE thing from that long list.


Better than nothing!

What are your crochet projects for the summer? Do you crochet yourself clothes as well? Or do you rather stick to blankets and toys?

2 Kommentare:

  1. Hope you have a great summer of crocheting and then wearing the great things you have made!

    1. thanks, I already started the first item, so I can wear it, as soon as it's getting warmer! :)