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Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Holiday kitchen

Hello, everyone out there!

The first week of my holiday is over and I was so occupied with doing things that I like that I only now found time to write again. It's Monday morning, my man is off to work and I'm still lying in bed and will do some reading before I'll get up and REALLY start the day. Aaaah, may the free time be blessed! 

Anyway, I (of course) had a great time so far, though I must have done something in the past to upset the weathergod. There were only three sunny and warm days so far, which meant, that I was more or less tied to my home for a while. But I made the best out of it and one of the best things in the world for me is food. 

One point of my to-do-list was to do more cooking and try out some new recipes and trying out I did. I created yummy, wonderful dishes and even managed to take a picture of some of them, before my man and I gobbled everything up. See, patience is not strong on us, so if something good looking and wonderful smelling stands on the table...well, let's just say that it won't stay there for long. I also did some baking. Again - delicious stuff. The Austrian cuisine is famous for it's sweets and bakeries. "Mehlspeisen" it's called here. My guess is, that this is strongly connected with the coffeehouse culture that goes a long way back here in Austria. I learned that from my mother: coffee in the afternoon means always something sweet to accompsny it. 

So I made my first ever carrot cake:

I made something unable to translate (Heidelbeertatscherl) with blueberries (just trust me, that it was simply delicious)

And I made some sweet apricot dumplings. There is no picture of these. They were gone in an few minutes! These recipes all come from the cook book that I got for my birthday - vegetarian Austria (Österreich vegetarisch) and I must say that I really love this book. So far everything I tried out was easy and veeery good. 

There was some more cooking, I made my first risotto ever, I made lasagne, crepes filled with spinach and ricotta, hamburgers and home made pizza. But again - no pictures. When my man and me are hungry, there's no stopping us. 

Other than cooking and baking (and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards - I didn't even know that I had that many dishes) I did a lot of reading and crocheting. I managed another row on my mario blanket (update will follow once the whole face is finished) and I finished the cushion that was ordered from me by a friend. 

I think it turned out pretty nice! We also took a little day trip yesterday, but that's material for a separate post. 

So what have you been up to this weekend? Were you trying out new recipes? Reading new books? Went out? 

I'd love to hear! 

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