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Samstag, 9. August 2014


Another blog post! Last week has been CRAZY! New job, new way to get there, new colleagues, new routine. Definitely something that will take some time to adjust - hence the quiet week! I really like my new job but boy, there's looots to learn! That doesn't leave me much time to be creative! Now that I commute by train rather than by car my commute takes up another hour of my day! That leaves me pretty exhausted in the evenings. This week I came home, fixed up something quick to eat, watched an episode of the Walking Dead (after Dexter the man and I were in need of something new. Veeery disgusting but at the same time really fascinating!) and then went to sleep. Most of the days I was out before ten pm! I hope this will get better over time! 

BUT I still managed to do some crocheting. And not just the odd granny square. Oh no. I finished something that I wanted to make for quite some time now! Be prepared, readers, for this is a world premiere (at least it's one for me!). Believe it or not, I, the writing/reading/crocheting Emma have mastered the art of following complex instructions to create something that is not just pretty to look at but at the same time very handy, cosy AND warm! I'm sure, your curiosity has reached its climax by now. I can imagine you, sitting before your screen, gnawing on your fingernails, heavily breathing while you mutter to yourself: "What is it? What could it be, that this genius of a woman has made for herself? WHAT. IS. IT???"

Alright, i can't keep the suspense and my own excitement any longer! 

Ladies and Gentleman - are there any gentlemen here anyway? Does anyone of the male gender read our ramblings about wool, yarn, colors and textures? If you're out there, reveal yourself! I love the thought of having male readers too! 

Anyway, I'm rambling. So here's what you've all been waiting for. Without further delay I present to you: 

My FIRST crocheted garment!!! How cool is that? I MADE THIS! Myself! I'm wearing it right now although it's WAY too hot for it. But I can't take it off anymore! I'm so excited! 

Now most of you have been there - done that! Making your own clothes is nothing special to you, I know that many of you do this all the time. But I have never done it and I am so proud of myself to have created something that I will actually wear outside in public. People will see me on the streets and I wont be embarrased! 

Now I haven't been able to take two pictures where the colors look alike. It's not red, nor pink. I would say it's a dark fuchsia. A mixture between purple or pink. 

I made it with Schachenmayer Catania, 100% cotton. It was already in my stash (as I have promised my man to get ridd of all that wool that is lying around our home) and I think I used about 6 balls, which equals about 300 grams. Now the instructions says that you would need about 400 to maka a size S, but I used a different yarn than they suggested so 6 balls were enough. I even have some of it left. 

It's the perfect top for a slightly chilly summer evening. You obviously have to wear something underneath it, if you don't want the world to know which bra you're wearing. The cotton makes it nice and warm and it feels really good and soft on your skin. 

Now, one last picture of me wearing it (the picture has not been altered. I snapped it on my phone - as you can see - and because I actually have to get ready for a party there really is no time to apply any fancy filters or even to crop out the chaos in my hall. Which doesn't deserve to be called a 'hall' because there isn't even room for two people there. Have I already mentioned that we live in a really, really small appartment?), please focus on my pretty top (and please tell me if and how you like it! My man won't answer any questions regarding my milestone top anymore. He runs out of the room if he sees me wearing it. Men. They simply don't understand. Except you, my anonymous male reader. I bet you get my excitement) and ignore any surroundings. 


(Pretty clever how I blocked out my face with my phone, isn't it? Now go and tell me how pretty it looks)

7 Kommentare:

  1. WOW!!! It is so beautiful!!! I am in awe! So pretty :) I really teally like the pattern and colour, what pattern did you use?? I really want to make something I can wear, need to get a bit better first I think though. Glad the new job is going well :) I haven't tried the Walking Dead - I'm a bit squeamish - we are making our way quickly through Orange is the new Black at the moment!

  2. Thanks, I really like it too! I've got the instructions from this site:


    It might look rather complicated and intimidating at first, but if you read the instructions step by step it really isn't too hard. And I would say that it is rather suitable for beginners. Although I had to fiddle around a little with the sleeves, but with some experimenting I managed to get it right. You should try it! It's really easy and fast!

    And the Walking Dead is really disgusting! Lots of blood and brain and intestines. But a very good story. I would recommend it! And I've heard a lot about orange is the new black. How is it?

    1. Thanks for the link - I will check it out! Might have to finish a couple of other projects first :S Orange is the new Black is great! really gripping, I think the characters are really well done, and it's something completely different to what I normally watch :)

  3. Wow, that's beautiful!! Have been looking at that top for a while wondering if it'd look as nice if I made it as it does on the model and having seen yours I will definitely give it a go!!

    1. you should definitely give it a try! It was really easy and quick to make! Good luck with it! :)

  4. it looks VERY pretty!! I can't believe it's your first garment... well done!

    1. Aw, thanks so much for your compliment, it means a lot! I chose the easiest one that I could find and I'm already looking for the next! Maybe something warmer as autumn is slowly approaching! ;) greetings from austria! :)