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Dienstag, 26. August 2014

getting ready for my holiday in Italy

We'll leave the day after tomorrow for a one-week-camping-holiday in Iesolo, Italy. So I don't really have time to write a long post. But inspired by this post I'm giving you my list as well. Here we go:

Making : granny squares for the Mario blanket. This will take a while longer 
Cooking : nothing, as my man cooked for me today. 
Drinking : innocent tropical juice. So yummy but expensive. 
Reading: Robert Galbraith - The Silkworm
Wanting: to get out of this overstuffed train. 
Looking: out of the train window, watching the beautiful Austrian landscape go by
Playing: phase 10.  addictive. 
Deciding: on which clothes I need to pack for Italy. 
Wishing: It would be Thursday already
Enjoying: the time I can spend on reading, now that I commute by train
Waiting: for my holiday to begin
Liking: the fact that we've set a wedding date! 
Wondering: if I should wear my mum's wedding dress. The fabric is in a bad condition though
Loving: the fact that my mum is out of hospital and feeling waaaay better
Pondering: about joining my man in visiting the Austrian harley Days after Italy
Considering: riding with my man on his Harley on our wedding day when we get to our location. Might get complicated with the dress...
Watching: The Walking Dead
Hoping: that my mum will stay healthy! 
Marvelling: at the fact that my mum requested the same crochet top that I made for myself. 
Needing: new yarn to crochet the top for my mum
Smelling: all those people in this crowded train. Believe me, it's not the smell of roses...
Wearing: Jeans and T-Shirt, typical outfit for myself 
Following: the gingerbread lady probably the funniest blog I've ever read!
Noticing: how cold it has gotten over the last few days. It's still to early for Autumn! 
Knowing: that i made the right choice when I changed into my new job! 
Thinking: about what to pack when I come home
Admiring: the way a person that I know very well deals with her not so nice faith
Sorting: my books! I moved in March and there's still chaos in my bookshelve
Buying: a mug in Venice. Hopefully! ;)
Getting: more and more sure about the decision to get married. 
Bookmarking: the pattern for the crochet top. Need to start soon! 
Disliking: the smell in this train
Opening: the envelope where my man's birthday gift was inside
Giggling: about the fact that "getting married" in sign language can easily be confused with the word "Schnitzel"
Feeling: happy
Snacking: NOTHING! And I'm really hungry! 
Coveting: new Nike sneakers! I need comfortable but pretty shoes
Wishing: that it won't rain for the next ten days! 
Helping: my man pack when I get home
Hearing: people talking about their dinner. And my stomach growling. Have I mentioned that I'm really hungry? 

I'm offline now for a week, as I won't go on the internet in Italy! But I will come back with lots of pictures. Take care and have a nice week and weekend! 

5 Kommentare:

  1. Have an amazing holiday! I love the possible confusion of 'marriage' and 'schnitzel' in sign language!! Two such wonderful things :) Fingers crossed and thumbs pressed for good weather ;)

  2. Thanks, the weather forecast looks good so far. Let's just hope that we won't get wet on the drive there tomorrow. We go by motorcycle, so it will take us about 10 hours from our home to our camp site. 10 HOURS! ON THE MOTORCYCLE! What have I gotten myself into...My butt hurts already...thank god I have an office job and am used to sitting all day long...we'll see how this turns out! ;)

  3. I really enjoyed your list. I hope you're having a great holiday! x

  4. Have an amazing holiday in Italy! I cross my fingers that you get some nice and warm weather... Looking forward to read about!

    Take care

  5. halli hallo ^..^

    bei mir gibt es noch bis zum 1.10 ein kleines gewinnspiel...würde mich freuen wenn du dich daran beteiligst und leser meines blogs wirst*zwinker


    glg und vielleicht bis bald,