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Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

I'm still here!!

Hello you lovely people out there? How are you? I'm back from my holiday in aitaly, back from the few days I spent at home at my family and right now on the train back to my home from work! It's nearly 10 pm on a Wednesday! Today we hosted an award event at our library in my work. The best austrian crime fiction writer was awarded. It was my first event that I had to organise in my new work and luckily it all went well. Do you want to see the beautiful location that is situated jn the beautiful house in which I work? Yes? Well then have a look at those pictures:

These are just a few random shots that I took while we prepared everthing. The tables were gone in the evening but there were a few gatherings in the afternoon that we also had to take care of. I really like my new job, it was the right decision to take it! 

Other than that I actually have nothing really to talk about. So I give you random facts that come to my slightly drunken mind (after show party, wohoo) while I sit on that sloooow train that stops at EVERY.SINGLE.RAILWAY.STATION along the way! 

- we drove 13.5 (let me spell that out for you: THIRTEEN AND A HALF) hours on the motorcycle on our way to Italy! And this doesn't even include the breaks! We decided to avoid the highway to drive the (what we thought) more scenic route across Austria. Turns out that the off-highway-roads have NOTHING to offer and that we just waster our time. Suprisiny it was still fun, though. We would probably do it again! 

- I managed to fly one time around the whole world (really, I did! I started in Vienna, heading eastwards and came back from the west) but this was the fiest time I visited Italy! Probably won't happen again anytime soon. Italian people are arrogant snobs. Pretty landscape, though! 

- my mother saw the top that I crocheted and immediately requested the same one for her! You can't imagine how happy I was about that! I already started when I visited them: look: 

- when we visited Venice I bought myself a pair of "New balance" shoes. Apparently very trendy right now, but I didn't know that at the time. My (future) mother-in-law saw them and immediately requested to buy the same pair. Somehow this didn't made me as happy as when my mum asked me about the matching top. I would never admit that, though. 

- right now, we're having real autumnal (is this a word?) weather. This is my view on my way to the train station this week:

Normally you would see the lake (and SKY) from here. Rain and fog and then rain again! 

- I still have 30 minutes to drive and I'm slowly running out of uninteresting and totally incoherenr facts to tell you. 

- riding a train when you can't look outside the window because everyhing is black outside and the only thing you see is the reflection of your alarmingly tired looking face isn't fun at all! 

- my man and I discovered geocaching! Apparently this is as trendy as wearing new balance sneakers. Up-to-date people we are not. But we really like it! My man is currently trying to give up smoking (one week cigarette-free tomorrow, woohooo!!) and he needed something to get his mind off of thinking about cigarettes, so we walked around our small town last sunday and already made plans for the weekend. Did you know, that I love really close to a beautiful national park? It seems, that there are quite a few caches hidden and we're going to check them out on Saturday after a family dinner for my uncle's 60rh birthday. 

- I'm not nearly anywhere near home, but I'm typing all of this (hence the massive amount of typos. This train ride isn't smooth bit rather wobbly. It's the trains' fault. Not the fact that I didn't eat anything but drank three glasses of wine. That's not why it took me about ten attempts to write the word 'cigarettes', oh no! ) on my cell phone and the battery is slowly but surely dying on me, so I better publish this thing. 

- I've you've read all the way through the end I salute you! Send me an e-mail so I can thank you in person! You're probably equally bored as me. Cheers. 

P.s.: thank you so much for your nice comments on my last post. Your wishes really worked - we had beautiful weather on our holiday. Just one rainy day and thee solid days of lying on the beach and reading. Which reminds me that there will be a book recoomondation pretty soon! Stay tuned! 

4 Kommentare:

  1. Glad the event went well - congrats! You work in such a beautiful place :) and that you had such a nice break, it sounds wonderful! Hehe typing on trains is always ... interesting.... I find that wine ften makes it more fun ;)

    1. Yes, I'm still amazed everytime I go downstairs in the library. And to get paid to organise a reading from authors...pretty close to my dream job! ;) I don't drink alcohol very often, son it always has a strong affect on me. A tiny bit embarrasing! ;)

  2. You work in such a beautiful building! You are very lucky and I'm glad you like your new job. I've never heard of New Balance shoes (I just had to google them) so I must be really behind the times. x

    1. Don't worry, before my boyfriend bought them I never heard of them either. But they are really, really extremly comfortable!