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Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

do you have a minute?

And by that I don't mean, do you have a minute to spare to sit down and read my post, but do you actually have a minute of time that you could give to me? Because I need every minute that I can get right now...

As you probably know by now, my man and I are getting married this year. In April. On the 18th, to be exact. Since it's a rather small wedding (only civil service and about 20 guests, parents, grandparents and our siblings) we decided that we don't need to start organising until the play is over. Which is now. So we started and boy, is there a lot to do! My calendar is full with things I have to do, to buy, to make, to organise, to look up...it's crazy! So there isn't much time left to do some blogging and oh, how I miss it...

If you're already married and have some useful tips for me, please, please, please let me know! We try to get everything done in January. AND we're trying to have fun and not get too stressed about everything. I will keep you posted and updated as soon as there are any news. 
We've secured the date and we already have a rough schedule. I bought my dress two months ago and still wait for the delivery. On Friday we're meeting our photographer to talk about the details and on Saturday we will probably have a meeting with the organisers at our venue. 

Oh and in case you're interested, we're getting married here. It's a Spa and Lodge and it's got something to do with the start of our relationship. Beautiful, isn't it? Yeah, I think so too!

P.S.: I'm a little more active on instagram. You can find me under the name woolly_bookworm. Come by and say hello! :)

4 Kommentare:

  1. So exciting! My advice is really enjoy the preparation!! and although it can be stressful try not to stress too much as you don't want to detract from the big day :) get anyone who's willing to help involved as well, it relieves the pressure and it's great fun to enjoy it with your nearest and dearest :)

    1. Yes it is! We really try to enjoy it, though it isn't always that easy! ;) My parents want to get involved though they don't always listen to what we say and don't always do everything exactly the way we want it! ;) But it's really fun!

  2. Wow, that's exciting! The venue you have chosen looks lovely! In a previous life (before children!) I used to organise weddings & events. Here's my tips: Try and get everything arranged as soon as possible. Do not let anybody (relatives or friends) get carried away, it's your and your man's day, have everything your way, not anyone else's. And have a dress fitting quite near to the wedding day, brides-to-be nearly always lose weight! Xx

    1. Thanks for the tips, we're trying to get the majority of things done in January, we on our good path so far. And yes, we're very stubborn when it comes to having everything our way. But it's our wedding, so we should be the happy ones!