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Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Drops love!

Do you know Drops Design? When I first started to crochet, I stumbled upon that site and decided to crochet myself a handbag. It went horribly wrong, as I chose the wrong yarn and made some other mistakes, but I learned a lot through that experience.

Anyway, every now and then I click on their page to see if they've got anything new. I made my first ever garment from a Drops Design.

Today I clicked on the drops page because I wanted to look for a nice shawl or shoulder piece that I could make myself for my wedding dress. And I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw, that they've got new designs online. I already bookmarked some of them, as I really fell in love with them and really NEED to have these items! ;) Have a look:

crochet top
This top was the first to catch my eye. I've been looking for a nice pattern for a while now! Isn't it gorgeous? I see myself wearing this over a bikini on our honeymoon in Mallorca...It's sooo pretty!

Perfect jacket for colder summer evenings. Everything looks so pretty in white though I might make every item in a different color.

crochet top with fan pattern
Again - a top. But one can't have too many of those in the summer!

top with lace pattern
Imagine sun tanned skin and nice little jeans shorts.

shoulder piece 
This might be nice for my wedding. Though I'm not sure about the back side...

crochet skirt 
interesting. At first sight I thought "no way" but it might again be a piece which looks good on the beach!

lace jacket 
pretty, pretty, pretty. No need to say more.

So in order to make all of these I just have to finish my Mario blanket, finish the Baby blanket for my sister in law, finish the lalylala doll that I promised my sister in law, finish all of my wedding preparations and probably resign from my job to have nearly enough time. But hey, you have to be ambitious!

What do you think about these new Drops design? Have you made something of a Drops pattern yourself? How did you like it? Do you use the Drops yarn?

2 Kommentare:

  1. Oooh thanks for the heads up! I've bookmarked my next jumper pattern :) I really like the shoulder piece, hope all the wedding plans are going well you guys must be gettting pretty excited!! xx

    1. Yes, we already decided on rings and we will buy them on the weekend. It's sooo exciting and I can't wait for the day to finally come!