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Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Taking Stock: January

Hello lovely readers, and a very warm welcome to all my new followers, I'm so delighted to have you here! 
I had a very busy week - again! Preparing your wedding is more work than I thought it would be. Nice work, of course, but still very time-consuming. So I didn't take any photos to show you this week. And on the weekend a family member passed away rather quickly and rather surprisingly, so I didn't really feel like blogging. But to give you a little overview on what's going on right now in my life, here's a little list for you, copied from here. Enjoy.

Making : my Mario blanket. Only 14 squares to make, then I can start joining them!
Cooking : nothing. We went out for dinner the whole weekend.
Drinking : lovely greek wine at a lovely greek restaurant.
Reading: still on the Harry Potter books. I've nearly finished The Goblet of Fire!
Wanting: for my man and me to decide on our wedding rings. We have such different taste in jewellery...but we'll get there!
Looking: at wedding rings. We really need to chose them soon!
Playing: with ideas on the baby blanket that I will make after the Mario blanket is finished. The yarn's already bought, it's really torturing me not to be able to work with it, but I really, really need to finish the first blanket first.
Deciding: on the songs that the talented girlfriend of my brother will sing at our wedding. I can't decide between two songs, so I'm trying to persuade her to sing both of them for us.
Wishing: that I had time to say goodbye to a beloved person who passed away on the weekend.
Enjoying: the fact that my man and I booked our honeymoon this weekend! We're going to a beautiful spa hotel at Mallorca!
Waiting: For this week to be over. Funerals suck.
Liking: the fact that my man joined me in going running. It's easier if you're not alone. We managed two runs last week and we will try to manage two runs this week!
Wondering: if the weather will be nice at our wedding. April isn't the best month to get married when it comes to sunny days...
Loving: my man. more and more each day!
Pondering: about building a house. We just need to save a little more money...
Watching: Gilmore Girls again.
Hoping: that my dress will arrive soon. I know, there are still three months until our wedding, but I'd feel much more relaxed if I'd know, that I'll have it in time!
Marvelling: over the fact that our friends are already starting to build their dream house. I want that too! :(
Needing: more leisure time. I didn't even have the chance to sleep in this weekend, let alone to read or crochet. This isn't right.
Smelling: leftover pizza. yumm.
Wearing: a very thick sweater. It's really cold here right now. Where's spring???
Following: some really inspiring sporty people on instagram. Keeps me motivated.
Noticing: that it's really crazy to spend months crocheting little squares to make them into one very lare blanket.
Knowing: that it'll be all worth it in the end.
Thinking: about the past.
Sorting: through my cosmetics. I really need and want to declutter.
Buying: nothing. well, wedding rings, but these are a once-in-a-lifetime-buy so it's okay.
Getting: a little nervous when thinking about getting married. It's becoming real now!
Bookmarking: tips on HII-Training. I really want to improve my running!
Disliking: the lack of sleep and freetime I'm having right now...
Feeling: really happy with my life right now. Everything is good.
Snacking: nuts and dried fruits. love it.
Wishing: that spring will come soon. I'm not made for the cold weather!
Helping: another person going through a difficult time.
Hearing: songs for our wedding. Oh, the possibilites...

2 Kommentare:

  1. I am sorry you lost a beloved person this week! We had to bury my grandfather last tuesday. Though times. :S Feel hugged from Germany!

    Take care
    Anne (Ctochet between Worlds)

  2. thanks a lot, it was my grandmother who died really quick and surprisingly. But it was good for her, so she didn't really had to suffer! She used to crochet a lot, I'm just a little sad that she never got around to teach me something...