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Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Crafting update

Hello my lovely people! 

Thank you so much for your good wishes to our wedding! We managed our first month and we're still very happy and very much in love! :) 

I'm tied to the couch right now with a very,  ery bad cold! I organized a three-day-long meeting for some european publishers. We made an excursion with them to an old abbey and to Austrias oldesr vineyard. 

Crappy photos, I know! But inside an old library without electrical light and down under in an 1600 year old wine cellar you don't have the best lighting. It was a really funny and nice trip but it was raining all the time. And that's where I caught my bad cold. I'm lying on the couch right now and when I'm not asleep I use the time to do some crochet. My sister in law is pregnant and the baby will be born in the next ten days! And I promised her a baby blanket. So I should really hurry! And here's a sneak peek. 

I will show you the full blanket once its gifted to my lovely sister in law and my new niece/nephew. 

I also bought some new yarn for my next project. I worked with a yarn called "Catania" from Schachenmayr a lot before. It's a cotton yarn and it's mercerised and soft and shiny and comes in the most beautiful colors! This type of yarn is called "Catania Denim" and it's kind of a stonewashed color range. I saw a similar yarn on another blog and the blogwriter made a beautiful bag with it. I have to do some research now to find out where I saw that bag and that yarn so I can make it myself. If you know what bag I'm talking about - please let me know! I'm thankful for every single tip. 

But enough talking. Here's the new yarn:

I can't wait to start working with it! It's so beautiful! 

And since this post shouldn't be a about yarn: here's the lastest addition to my ever growing washi tape collection: 

So what are you making or planning or buying right now? I'd love to know! 

Have a nice and happy and sunny weekend! Xoxo

2 Kommentare:

  1. I am sorry to hear about your cold! Hopefully you will feel better soon!

    The crochet works you are busy with look great! Can't wait to see it in whole!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  2. Danke schön! :) the cold is nearly gone now and I feel fit enough to go for my first run tonight. In 30 degrees heat. After a long day of work and three weeks running-break. This won't be fun... ;)