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Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Taking Stock: MAY

Linking up with Pip from Meet Me At Mikes here are some things that are going around here:

Making : a baby blanket for my niece/nephew. Only four mor weeeeeks! :)
Cooking : asparagus. There is a farmer in our village who has the best asparagus. So yummy!
Drinking : water, water and water. It's finally getting warm here in Austria!
Reading: Ken Follet, century trilogy, Part 1.
Wanting: for the weekend to be nice and sunny as I'm planning to buy a new bycicle and then I want to ride it asap!
Looking: into a blue and cloudless sky! Have I mentioned that I love summer?
Playing: John Butler Trio. Summer Music
Deciding: whether or not I should change my job. I like my current one but the commuting eats up waaaay too much time...
Wishing: that I could decide on the job thing!
Enjoying: the weather. Life is easier when it's warm!
Waiting: for tomorrow so I can go and buy my new bike!
Liking: the feeling of being married.
Wondering: if we're really going to make our big trip to the USA next year.
Loving: my man. I know, it's always the same answer, but that's how it is!
Pondering: on thoughts about how it would be if we owned a house and a garden...
Considering: buying a house. We just need a ton of money...
Buying: this gorgeous bike. tomorrow. isn't it lovely?
Watching: Weeeeeds. We just started it on Netflix. I've already seen the first three seasons but that was some years ago.
Hoping: that the weather will last!

Marvelling: at all the nice fruit and vegetables that are slowly growing in our region. Fresh food. The best!
Needing: more time for myself. during the week I get almost nothing done.
Questioning: some of my choices. work related.
Smelling: fresh air and flowers.
Wearing: lighter clothes. NO JACKET!
Following: along with a 10-year-project that I'm making for myself. 3 weeks are done. yay.
Noticing: that I like my job best, when I can organize an event. Maybe that's where my carreer path should be going?
Knowing: that I live an awesome life!
Thinking: about my bike. Can you tell that I'm really looking forward?
Admiring: people who have a garden. I've overheard a conversation of two men on the train, who talked about what vegetables and fruits they plan to plant in their gardens this year. I got so jealous! I want to grow my own food too!
Sorting: out the mess at my work desk. So. many. papers!
Getting:excited when I think about the future!
Bookmarking: crochet patterns. I'm getting my Mojo back!
Coveting: tattoo ideas. I think it's time for number four!
Disliking: that the weather forecast predicts rain tomorrow. I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE!
Opening: mail from my lovely pen pal in Norway. It's so nice to get mail!
Giggling: with my best friend last week when we had ice cream at the danube river. Life can be beautiful!
Feeling: blessed and happy.
Snacking: Manner Schnitten. Wafers with hazelnut fillings. Typical Austrian. So yummy!
Helping: my dad getting the pool ready on Sunday. Can't wait for my first spring!
Hearing: birds chirping in the morning. It's warm enough to sleep with the window open. Finally!

What are you up to?
We will get the pictures of our wedding on Sunday. I've already prepared a post for you, it just needs to get spiced up a little with some photos. So check in on Sunday evening if you're curious! :)
Have a wonderful evening! What are your plans?

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  1. Mmmhh, asparagus! So yummy! I could eat it all the time!

    I am currently listing to the third book of the Ken Follet Century Sage. It's nice to follow the families :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)