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Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016

the glass is half full

Hello, lovely people!

This is the third time that I'm starting this post. Three different titles, three different texts. Everytime that I read it through after finishing typing it I deleted it again. So here's my third try. Let's see if this version get's published.

We got bad news last week. We didn't get the house. Long story short: We were promised we would get it, then the lady at the office said, that there has been a mistake and someone else got it.
That was the essential message in my two previous posts. But then I started whining and complaining. I told you about the tears that I cried, the fit that I got, the anger, the yelling, the cursing. And that's when I started to delete. I don't want to whine and nag and feel sorry for myself.

So I'm being optimistic and grateful. We are toying with several ideas right now and we will see which one will prove best. We're still saving up money, because we will need it, even if we don't know which solution we'll be the best in the end.

But we're also planning a holiday. We visited the Vienna holiday fair last week and we're now thinking about making a roadtrip through Scotland or Ireland in the summer, for my mans 30th birthday. He doesn't want to celebrate at home.

And I'm still working on being more optimistic and thinking positive. I'm sure, there's a reason somewhere, why we hadn't gotten that house. It wasn't meant to be. That's what I'm saying to myself.

And then I met my best friend for dinner today and we exchanged our christmas gifts and talked and talked and talked and now the world is a happy place. And the best thing was her gift for me. A special, personalised bookmark. And chocolate. You can always make me happy with chocolate.

It's the little things in life. 

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