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Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016

time out

Last year in April (oh my, time goes by so fast...) my man and I got married in a beautiful thermae near our home town, the St. Martins Therme & Lodge.

For the wedding, we got gifted a gift coupon for a relax! one day holiday in the upper deck area of the thermae. I took a day off work on Monday and we cashed in our coupon.

We've been to the upper deck area before and we love it there! It's a little exclusive area, with comfortable beds, snacks and beverages and an amazing view. Unfortunately, the weather was rather bad on Monday, but we still enjoyed our stay there.

It was wonderful to relax for a day, not to think about work, to spend time with my lovely husband and to eat and drink and just float in the warm water. We went to the sauna, we had a hot stone massage, I had time to read and of course there was a lot of cuddling. The perfect day.

We have a special connection with the thermae and the lodge. Not only did we got married there, but the thermae also plays a vital role in the beginning of our relationship, a little more than 4 years ago. So we always enjoy coming back there to relive memories and to be grateful, that we met each other and fell in love. And now enough talking, here are some pics.

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