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Dienstag, 23. September 2014


God almighty it got cold over the last two days! We had a really lovely weekend, warm and sunny, no jacket needed, no scarf, no thick sweaters. We spend the whole weekend outside. This morning I went to the train station - like every morning. But that morning the walk was different. I usually enjoy those ten minutes. I have an office job and sit the whole day, but these ten minutes to and from the train station are sometimes the only time of the day that I move my body. But today I was sorry that I didn't take the car. Not only was it extremely windy. It was also really, bloody cold. You needed a scarf. And a thick sweater, a jacket and most importantly: you needed a hat. A HAT for heaven's sake, it's still SEPTEMBER! The fact that it started to rain halfway through my walk (rain and strong wind. You get the picture. Did I mention that it was really, really cold?) didn't improve my mood.

Anyway, since the temperature dropped so significantly, I am even more determined to finish my Mario blanket! I started to crochet on the train. It's not much, I get about two squares done on one ride, which means about 4 to 5 squares on one day. But it's still more than I made in the last few weeks - which isn't that hard when you know that I didn't crochet at all. But it won't be long before my beautiful blue larksfoot blanket isn't warm enough anymore. Don't get me wrong - I love that blanket, I really do. But it's made of pure cotton and it has too many holes in it to be really snuggly and warm. So I'm on a crochet mission.

But that's not my only crochet mission. I worked on my mother's top yesterday. The back is nearly done, here's a picture of my progress:

I know, not really impressive and you need A LOT of imagination to see the finished product. But believe me - it's going to be lovely. Yesterday my mom started a four-week-rehabilitation to get her back on track after her long stay at the hospital and I thought it would be nice if she would come home to find the finished top lying (pretty wrapped up, of course) on her bed. So I have four weeks. Should be doable.

Aside from this there isn't actually very much to tell you, so here I give you (again) some random pictures of my weekend. As I said, the weather was lovely and my man and I went geocaching. Have you heard of it before? If not here's a quick explanation: You download an app on your mobile. There you get the GPS coordinates for a specific location. Somewhere at this location the cache is hidden. It's like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you only find a piece of paper, sometimes there are little boxes with actual small treasures inside. I recommend this highly if you have children. My nephews love it, and it's a great way to spend a day outdoors.
We just recently started it but really like it. My man doesn't like to go for a walk just for the sake of walking. He needs a purpose, a destination. So geocaching is the perfect way to get him outdoors. He's going for a walk and he doesn't even notice it. S

o you'll get to see some more pictures of the beautiful landscape I'm surrounded with. I'm sorry if that bores you, there's just not much else to show you. Unless you want to see the pile of laundry that's waiting for me. Or the layer of dust that's slowly accumulating on the stairs. Or the mess on the kitchen table that just keeps reappearing, no matter how often we clean it up.

Oh, what was that? What did you say? You prefer the beautiful landscape? That's what I thought. Enjoy.

on our geocache mission

if you look REALLY closely, you see tiny white spots just after the houses. Those are sailing boats on the lake. 

I didn't take that pic while we were geocaching. We did a little boat ride on the lake on Sunday. The weather was turning by then. But to be honest - that's the real color of the lake. Muddy, groomy, grey. 

no filter or anything added to this pictures. I am simply to lazy. 

2 Kommentare:

  1. I hope your mum continues to well and gets on well at rehabilitation :) She is going to love her top! It is still warmish here but I am turning to scarves more and more... beautiful photos as always :)

  2. I just talked to her yesterday and she's doing really great! We will visit her next week.
    Oh and I wish that our landlord would finally turn the heating on. It's reaaaally cold in my home! :(
    And thanks. I'll try to spare you some of the "round my home" photos for the close future! ;)