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Sonntag, 28. September 2014

Washi madness

My man and I moved into our new appartment in March. We moved from about 100m2 to 45m2. Quite a change, but at that time it was necessary, due to some personal reasons. We're still adding some decorations, slowly, whenever we feel like it and when we have the time.

On Saturday evening he baked an apple cake (sooo delicious) and we started to go through some photos that I printed a few weeks ago. And we started to put them up the walls.

My favourite tool to do this is Washi Tape. I learned about it a while ago on some blog and loved it ever since. See, we really like having pictures on the wall. And we don't want to have to hammer a nail through the wall for every single one. This appartment is just for rent. We would have to cover all those holes up, when we move out.

So we worked and worked and chose pictures and hung them up our walls. Our bedroom is full of pictures of us kissing, taken somewhere around our journey round the world. We kissed in front of the Hollywood sign, in front of the Sydney Opera House, with the Machhu Picchu before and the Colca Canyon below us. 
There are pictures of us kissing on the Titicaca lake, under water, on the most beautiful beach at the Philippines, in planes, on busses and trains. 
It looks like this:

I purposely blurred out the pictures, mainly to keep our privacy but also to spare you 50 pictures of us smooching our hearts (or lips?) out! 
But you get the idea of the "picture frames" the Washi tape creates when the pictures are directly put on the wall with it. 

On the weekend I decorated some plain, white picture frames, because they looked way too boring and, well, too white for my taste. I love our new picture wall, it makes me smile, everytime I walk by. 

For me, pictures are the best decoration ever! I love looking both at pictures that I took myself but also like to look at other people's pictures! A great way to share some memories, to keep my beloved ones always near me and to keep people in mind, that are no longer here! 

Plus: Easy, beautiful and cheap decoration: It's a win-win-win-win! 

9 Kommentare:

  1. That's a great idea. I especially love the way you personalised plain white frames with the tape. All those photos of you and your man kissing - that's so cute! x

    1. Thanks! The kissing photos are right next to our bed. I love to look at them when I'm going to sleep or waking up! Such valuable memories...

  2. What a fantastic idea, it looks lovely.

  3. What a good idea, washi tape is brilliant isn't it?

    1. It really is! And my man has started to use it too! Talking about addiction... ;-)

  4. Downsizing from 100 to 45 m² must have been hard! Even though: Home isn't about size! Our flat has 70 m² and even though we could afford a larger one, we don't need one. Actually, we are downsizing at the moment, too. We will stay in the flat but we don't need as much stuff as we have... Right now everything looks very chaotic but we will get there... Hopefully ;-)

    I like to put up pictures too! The washi tape idea is great! I just ordered some canvas' with pics from our Canada holiday in August. Can't wait of them to arrive!

    Take care

    1. It was actually surprisingly easy! The old appartment was TOO big for us! We didn't need all that space! And it was dark and cold and sooo much work! Now we have this cosy little place where we have enough light and it doesn't take too long to clean! ;-) As long as there are just the two of us - we won't move!

  5. Beautiful!! and what a lovely idea :) so many happy memories :)