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Samstag, 20. September 2014

the weather is better

and not even a very bad rhyme can change that.

After really heavy rainfalls in the past few days, the weather got nice and warm and sunny again. Thank God, because I am not even remotely prepared for the cold season and the temperature has been way under my comfort zone lately. Have I mentioned that I LOVE summer and despite everything under 15 degrees? Winter is pure horror for me, if I would never have to see a snowflake in my life, I would be so happy. 

But right now the sun is shining through my kitchen window and I used the good weather to start running again. I somehow stopped about a month ago. I always felt bad and wanted to go but somehow I never managed to drag myself out there and do something for me. Which is stupid because I like running. I like the feeling I have while I'm out (I'm doing something good for me, my legs will look great next summer) and I really love the feeling once I finished a workout and step under the shower. 

So on Monday I went for a run. It was bad. Running never came easy for me and I always have to push myself a little but I made really good progress. Until I didn't run for four weeks. It's impressive how long it takes for the body to put up the stamina to run for 30 minutes without break and how fast this ability is lost. In my opinion, it should be the other way round. But I managed to run for 20 minutes. And then on Wednesday, I did it again. And because the weather is so beautiful, it's Saturday, my man is out to work and I have some precious time for myself, I will wait half an hour (until my breakfast isn't lying heavily in my stomach anymore) and then go for a run. 

I also went back to crocheting. With my new work, my new daily timetable and everything else involved, I somehow didn't find time to crochet. But yesterday I sat down and worked on the top, that I'm making for my mum. Remember this top that I made a while ago? Well my mum saw it and immediately requested one for herself. So now I'm working on that and when I'm finished, I will go back to my Mario blanket. The evenings are getting colder and a new and warm and cuddly blanket will be needed here soon.

On my to-do list for today (I really like making lists) is also baking a carrot cake. I have this wonderful cook book that I got for my birthday, full with recipes for Austrian specialities (we really like to cook and eat here, and sweets are some of our favourites) and it includes a yummy recipe for carrot cake. And the best thing is that I have all the ingredients at home so no need to go shopping first.

Yesterday I also took some time to write my new pen pal in Norway. Melissa organised a pen pal swap a while ago and I thought that it might be interesting to join. I always had pen pals when I was a kid but in the age of internet and e-mails it got lost. I received my first letter from Pamela a while ago and I wa exited as a little kid when I opened it and read it for the first time. It's still nice to receive something other than invoices and commercials in my mail box! 
But it took some time to answer. After work I was always too tired or the post office was already closed. As I never write any letters I didn't have any stamps at home. So it took me a while to reply. But yesterday I did and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed sitting down with a cup of coffee, taking some time to write about myself and slowly getting to know another person from another part of the world. So Mel, if you read this, thanks again for organising everything!

I also want to write more on this blog and to bring some regular features like book reviews and updates on my running. The last one is more for me but who knows - some of you might be interested or are runners themselves. If you do any sports regularly - please let me know in the comments. I would really like to know.

And since this is a veeery word-heavy post I'll let you go with some nice pictures that I snapped on my phone when I went running on Monday. Have I mentioned, that I love my home? It's so beautiful. Nature is great. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 

a wineyard, completely drowned. It isn't supposed to look like this.

My view on my running track. Stunning, isn't it?

the beginning of a beautiful sunset when I went back home.

4 Kommentare:

  1. What a beautiful home you have :) Well done on the runs! I can never get myself going with running, I'm just too bad! And I bet your Mum is going to be thrilled with the top when it's finished :D

    1. thanks. And thank again. I went running yesterday, but I wasn't even halfway through with it when it started to rain (it poured. Cats and dogs. Isn't that what you english people call it?) and I had to turn around. But I was a lot faster than usually! ;)

  2. Hello! Do keep writing - I love your blog! I run too and know it's hard to get back into it when you've had a break. But even a bad run does you good even though it's hellish! Alison x

    1. oh wow, thanks for that compliment! I don't intend to stop, so you will get to read more from me in the future. :) Nice to hear that someone actually enjoys my ramblings! ;)
      I'm more or less back on track now. I don't have to force myself but it's still exhausting. But I'm still motivated.