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Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Taking stock in October.

Making : more stuff for my christmas stall
Cooking : pasta with vegetables. today there will be no meat.
Drinking : a huge cup of coffee as I just got out of bed
Reading: still "The Medicus". But I hope I will finish it this weekend.
Wanting:  for the nice weather to stay. I'm so not ready for winter!
Looking: out of the window. There are way too many clouds in the sky right now! :(
Playing: with my part-time dog Hugo. He belongs to my mother-in-law but we take him on the weekends
Deciding: on what to wear when going out for a walk with the dog. I'm afraid it's not as warm as it looks.
Wishing: that I will get a great role in the play this year. I'm in an amateur acting group and right now we're in the middle of deciding what to play this year.
Enjoying: that I was able to sleep in today. Gotta love those weekends!
Waiting: for my man to come home from work so we can have a nice and calm weekend together.
Liking: the fact that I have time to do lots of crochet in the next two days.
Wondering: how the weather in London will be like...just 11 more days. Yay!
Loving: the fact that the acting group season starts again. It's always so much fun hanging out with these people!
Pondering: which crochet project to tackle today. There are just too many WIP's, I really need to finish some of them!
Considering: playing with my mans Nikon to make nicer fotos for my blog
Watching: Orange is the new black. I know I'm late, but Netflix just started here in Austria.
Hoping: that it wont rain until I'm ready to go for a run later.
Marvelling: on the lalylala dolls. I'm really curios if my Paul will look just as cute!
Needing: more time! The hours at work are crazy right now and I get NOTHING done in the evenings.
Smelling: the great autumnal smells that are waving through the open windows.
Wearing: Jeans and T-shirt. Perfect weekend clothes.
Following: my new workout routine. We'll see how long that lasts...
Noticing: the progress my mum is making.
Knowing: that this day won't have nearly enough hours to get everything done that I planned for today...
Thinking: about wanting a house. need to save more money for this, though.  A LOT more money...
Feeling: great after a little walk with the dog. Such a beautiful day today!
Admiring: the changing landscape. All those colorfoul trees everywhere...it gets me everytime.
Sorting: out the laundry. Today will be a massive laundry day as it accumulated over the week where I get NOTHING done in the evenings...
Buying: new clothes! Vienna has a new HUGE train station with a mall attached. And since I missed my train this week and had to wait...well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do... ;-)
Getting: ready for going for a run. Just need a little time to digest my breakfast.
Bookmarking: tutorials for christmas crochet. Stars, snowflakes, ornaments...
Disliking: the fact that there isn't enough time for me to crochet all those things
Opening: a package with running clothes for winter. I plan to run throughout the winter to be really, REALLY fit in spring!
Giggling: about my dog because he's really clumsy.
Feeling: great. weekend just begun, two days off work, the sun is shining. Life is good.
Snacking: nothing right now, but I'm going to make myself a nice fruit salad after my run.
Coveting: summer back. I'm just not made for temperatures under 20 degrees...
Wishing: that I'm able to track my running target for today!
Helping: at work. Wherever I can. And believe me, right now there's lots to do! More on that later.

Hearing: Lisa Hannigan - Save travels don't die. Love this woman and her voice. Click here if you want to hear the song and see the cutest video! :)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! What are you guys up to?

3 Kommentare:

  1. Lovely post! I can't believe it's so soon until you're heading to London how exciting :) Glad your mum is doing well, enjoy Hugo :)

  2. Yes, I really can't wait to be in London! But there's so much to do at work right now that I don't even have time to think about it yet! ;-)

  3. Part-time dog! I like that! Sounds like you're packing a lot in - you'll be ready for that break :-)