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Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Travelling Austria: Gmunden

I've been away last weekend. It was kind of a spontanious trip. See, my mother isn't feeling that well at the moment and so she is on rehabilitation in Upper Austria. She's in a center where she has been before and she really liked it and it really improved her health. That was three years ago. Back then, I visited her twice. Once on a day-trip with my brother and the second time I went there with my father and we stayed for the weekend.

And that's exactly what we did this weekend. And what a lovely time we had! It was really great.

The name of the little town we visited is Gmunden. If you want to know a little more about the history of Gmunden, have a look here, it's really interesting! 

Gmunden is famous for it's ceramic pottery! When people get married in Austria it is common to give them a tableware set of "Gmundner Keramik"! As you know I have a faible for mugs. And of course we had to visit the outlet store and I bought some lovely bowls and a even lovelier mug. (Pics will follow!)

The rest of the day we spend walking around town. Its such a beautiful old town. When Austria was still a really big empire, the emperor Franz Joseph loved to spend his summer holiday in and around Gmunden. 

Gmunden is located near the lake "Traunsee", the deepest (206 m) lake in Austria. We strolled around the lake just when the clouds began to disappear and the sun came through. 

We walked to the castle "Schloss Orth", a little castle that was built in the 11th century. It belonged to a very nasty and evil landlord who was famous for his cruelty. In the 1990s it was the set of an Austrian telenovela. 

The next day we made a little boat tour on the lake. The weather wasn't as nice as the day before but it didn't rain, so it was okay. The boat tour took about 50 minutes and was really beautiful. I love this landscape, it's so nice and everywhere you look you see so mich history and tradition! 

We went to lunch to a hotel near the lakeside and had the most amazing dinner! My mum and I ate the best lamb that we've ever eaten!  
And because both my mum and I have a sweet tooth, we ordered a delicious dessert plate! It had mousse au chocolat on it, a chocalate cake, Tiramisu and parfait. 

Needless to say, we ate EVERYTHING! It was worth every.single.calorie. 
I'm still going for a run tonight, though! ;-)

Oh and the best part - I found new shoes! Every holiday is perfect, if you come home with new shoes. Don't you think? 

6 Kommentare:

  1. What a lovely town to spend the weekend in and I'm sure your mum was thrilled to see you. What beautiful scenery you have in Austria. That dessert looks divine too! X Ps I agree about the shoes :-)

    1. oh yes and it was lovely to see her so happy and relaxed. It really is beautiful, though I can't imagine living in the mountains. I'm used to a very flat landscape. But it's great for holidays!

  2. Looks like a great little town! :-) Hope your mum is feeling better soon!

    Take care

    1. Thanks, she's doing great. But how can you not get well in such a beautiful environment! ;-)

  3. wow it looks absolutely stunning! What a beautiful country you live in :) I hope your mum is feeling better soon

    1. It really is! We're thinking about having our honeymoon there, as we want to make just a small holiday next year and save some money for a really big trip! :-)