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Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

beach books, anyone?

I love, love, love books. Books are my favourite thing to buy. I studied German language and literature to be able to work with books one day. One year and three months after my graduation I will finally start a job that has to do with books. Yay. For this job I will also commute by train instead of my car, so that will hopefully give me more time to read. My reading time is very limited right now. I get up. I drive to work. I drive back home. I make dinner for my man, as I am the first one at home. Twice a week I go running. And after dinner we make ourselves comfortable on the couch and watch one or two episodes of Dexter (I just bought the last three seasons, we can't stop watching. It's sooo addictive) and then go to bed. Sometimes I skip the TV, head straight to bed and manage to read a few pages. But I always get tired.

My treat on weekends is to stay in bed, after waking up, to spend an hour or more reading. But since I share my bed with my man - I don't do that either. We only get to have breakfast together on the weekends and so my books get left behind - again.

Long story short - when it comes to books, I am the person to ask for my friends and my family. My best friend is going on a great trip to the USA in two weeks and she asked me, if I could recommend holiday books to her. "Something light. But no chick-lit. Nothing tooo light. No romance novels. You get the idea." And before I was able to start my rambling (as you might have noticed by now - I'm not a friend of few words) she immediately added: "And don't give me a whole list. Two or three books are enough, I will then chose one of them."

So, here are the three books I recommended to her, and, to please her wishes, I will introduce them to you in a very short way.

Number Three:
T.C. Boyle - The women
This book is a biography of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It's divided into three parts, each one dedicated to one of his wives. Love, tragic, comedy, bizarre elements and one of the most amazing ends that I have ever read, which left me with tears in my eyes. And whoever knows me, knows, that it's very hard for a book (or a movie for that matter) to bring me to tears. I bought this book in Paris, read it at the côte d'azur and took it to every holiday ever since.

Number Two:
Harper Lee - To kill a Mockingbird
It's a classic of world literature for a reason. Written from the view of a littel girl and it's so authentic, that you really think that there's a little girl standing in front of you, telling you a wonderful story. A story that you get to see through the eyes of the child. A child who learns that not everyone in this world is nice. That people harm each other, hurt each other and talk bad about each other. It's one of the books that makes you read 'just a few more pages' even though you know you will be tired the next day.

Number one:
Jeffrey Eugenides - Middlesex
Probably the book that I have read the most frequent. Lots of pages, but the language is so beautiful, that it leaves you sad, once it's finished. A book that tells the story of three generations, that draws the bow from Greece to the USA, from poor people to the industrial revolution, from a girl to a boy, from love, to live, to happiness and sadness. My all time favourite book.

Now I know that these are rather short and cryptic book description. But I think it's enough to get your curiosity. I don't like long and detailed summaries. It kind of destroys the whole process of discovering a story, getting to know the characters and really evolve a feeling for the book, the writing, the author. So these are my top three holiday books for you. What are your favourite books? Which books do you love to read on your holidays, at the beach or in the evening in bed? I'm always open for new suggestions. Also let me know if you decided to read one of my three books. Did you like it? What's your opinion? I'm looking forward to your reading experiences!

Servus from Austria,

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  1. Hi First time of visiting your blog today but what a good day to start. I love books and will read at any moment I have spare in and around family. Like you I don't like to give too much away about a book otherwise what is there left for you to discover yourself. Out of the three recommendations my favourite is To Kill A Mocking Bird. I re-read this one earlier in the year and I just love it and would recommend anyone to read it if only the once.

    1. Hi Mitzi, so nice of you to stop by and visit me here! :) I'm totally with you - reading is the best. There's nothing better than getting lost in a good story. I envy everyone who can have the experience of reading any of these three books for the first time. There's something magical about unravelling a story, getting deeper and deeper inside. Lucky people!