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Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Just another manic...Tuesday

Hello everyone. 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I sure did! And I'm glad that I had enough time to refuel my batteries. I'm in the middle of changing jobs now. I resigned last week and will start my new work in August. So right now I get up waaaay to early, commute to current work (where I'm alone right now, because my co-worker is on holiday), stay there for nine hours, commute to the new work because they have to show me certain things before I can start and after another hour I commute back home - which takes about another hour. So there's not much going on in my life except working, learning, driving and trying (and failing, by the way) to get enough sleep. Red Bull and the coffee machine are my best friends right now and while I love, love, love coffee I absolutely hate all kinds of energy drinks. Two more weeks, then it's my turn to have some holidays. Can't wait! 

Anyway, besides lying in the grass and enjoying this view: 

(Which is by the way the beautiful lake where I live. Well, not really on the lakeside, but I can go there on my bike in about 15 minutes. Pretty nice, isn't it?) I actually managed to make a little creative project. My best friend is graduating from university next week and I made her a little card. 

I like it. And though I'm a liiiittle fed up with all those owls (how and when did this start, by the way? A few months ago no one cared about owls and now these little buggers are EVERYWHERE! You can't escape them. It's like a crafty version of Hitchcoks's birds!) I chose this design because the owl stands for wisdom and since she will soon have a Master's degree she's officially smart! Clever, eh? 

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