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Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

The hand. And a pillow.

My man and I love drama series. We binge-watched Breaking Bad (I recall a sunday where one whole season was watched), we worked our way through Six Feet Under (a bit tedious sometimes, but the finale was worth it!!) and now we are currently in the middle of Dexter. As it was raining most of the weekend we managed to finish season four. Lots of pain, blood, tears, horror and cut-off or split-open body parts. To me, it's fiction. Something on TV. But things are different for my man. He lives the series he's currently watching. He talks about it. He dreams about it. He really works himself up about it. After seeing way too much of the inner workings of psychotic mass murderers for two days, we managed to get outside. We had a little drive through the beautiful, calm Austrian countryside, when I drove over a yellow rubber glove, which was lying in the middle of the road. 
"Why did you do that?", asked my man. 
"Do what? What do you mean?", I replied. 
"Drive over that hand", he said calmly. "It is not nice to drive over a cut-off hand. Somebody might still need it", and proceeded to look out the window. 
Ladies and Gentleman, this man thought it perfectly natural not only to find a human hand on the side of the road but for me to be a little rude just to drive over it. Guess who will be having a break from watching Dexter for a little while! 

But on to less disturbing things. If you look closely, you can see the word 'crochet' on the top left corner. The initial idea behind setting up this blog was to show off my humble crochet creations to people who might be interested in seeing them instead of shoving them in my man's face in a desperate attempt to gain some apprais. ("Nice colors", my man says. "The yarn is really soft!")
So here is what it's all about: I proudly present my first ever granny square cushion cover. After the disaster with my first attempt at creating something out of squares (I just threw away about 100 horrible grannies), I gave the good old granny (my, that sounds awefully wrong) another go. I worked without a tutorial, just crocheted nine squares, crocheted them together, made one big square for the back and squeezed a pillow inside. 

Now, the idea behind this was to use up some leftover yarn I had from a bag I made before. The two left-over balls were used and I had to buy about ten new balls to be able to finish the cushion. I overestimated my yarn-usage though. There are now two balls of yarn left. But look how pretty it is. Nice colors. And the yarn is very soft. Totally worth it! 

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